Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Basket Cake

This was the grand finale of the Wilton Course 2. Hahaha if I thought that squeezing out little stars was hard, I was in for a big surprise with the basket weaving. Again it was shear determination that got me to finish this cake. I enjoy the basket weaving, both doing it and the effect, but let me tell you I could quite happily have taken a full bottle of pain killers. My poor hand and wrist were hurting that bad!
Funny thing is my instructor told us that once you develop the muscles on the icing hand and arm, you can quite easily knock someone out. After this , I can well believe it ~ an added advantage to cake decorating ~ who would have thought?
As you can see, it looks like the purple rose is falling. Well, truth be told, it actually did. On the way home from class, I had to brake really hard because some lunatic driver cut in front me! Don't you just really dislike these people that think that they own the road? By the time I got home, the rose and part of the border had fallen onto the bird damaging the little leaves around it too. In the end, I had to put this down to a learning experience ... make sure you ice and decorate a cake well in advance before transporting it anywhere!
By the way, did you notice that the purple rose is looking more like a rose? I guess, practice does make it better :)

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