Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Soccer Birthday Cake

As a result of the Soccer World Cup, a friend asked me to make a soccer cake for her son's 2nd birthday, so I tried to make it kinda cutsy since it was for a little tyke. I used the Wilton soccer ball pan that I had recently won in a raffle, and then put the 'ball' on a double 12" round cake. This was large enough to feed 40 people.
I used my cricut E to cut the letters and the little soccer dudes. The uniform is yellow and blue, the colours for Brazil! For some reason, I struggled to cut the letters with the E. The little dolls cut out perfectly and since I was using the same fondant/sugarpaste mixture for the letters and the dolls, I don't quite know why it kept scrunching up the letters instead of cutting them. Eventually I followed the advice of a lady that I found on the cricut message board and froze the sugarpaste for a few minutes before cutting. This helped tremendously. The buttercream icing was all made and coloured at home except for the black which is from Country Kitchen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Cake for Hubby

My hubby enjoys golf, but doesn't get the chance to play it as often as he would like, so I thought for his birthday, I would make him a "golf themed" cake. Since I'm still rather new at all this, I tried something that was simple and I must admit that I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Hubby like it and it was delicious - what more can you ask for? I used my cricut E to cut out the little golfer dude. Since they are small cuts, I only had to move one roller out of the way, but a cricut cake is definately on top of my wish list! I used fondant to cover the cake and sugarpaste for all the cuts. Another thing on my wish list is a silicone bead mold, because making all those little golf balls, lost it's appeal after the 15th one :).